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Tiny Abstract #13

By Godwits


EDITION 1 of 1

Tiny Abstract Collection
Artist: Godwits
Year: 2021

'Tiny Abstract’ is the first extensive digital collection of 200 experimental designs created into NFTs by Godwits ∞ Each edition in this series has 10 evolved hybrid (Human + Machine) generative designs to present as a unique one-of-one (1/1) NFT.

Note: This collection is being re-minted on a manifold contract and all media source is to be hosted on IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) and eventually move on-chain via Ethereum. 

Published By: Abstract Art Labs LLC
Smart Contract Type: ERC-721
Artist Royalty: 10%

Limited to personal non-commercial use and resale rights of NFT are granted.

All other terms & rights are reserved to Abstract Art Labs LLC