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The Foundation #33

By Godwits



Title: The Foundation (Genesis)
Artist: Godwits
Year: 2019

The Foundation is a collection of 500 abstract paintings on canvas that were created in 2019 and were digitized into (Form-1) 2D-3D digital abstract art in 2020.

After all the works were digitized in 2020, The traditional paintings were destroyed in 2021 when all 500 artworks were minted on a new medium called The ERC-721 smart contract on Ethereum's blockchain. The collection of artwork and their survival of them are held hostage to the success of Ethereum. If Ethereum survives then so does the collection. This was the artist's transitional phase of leaving the traditional art world to evolve into a full-time digital artist-designer.

1 year later, Godwits transformed the Form-1 artworks into a final Form-2, which evolved into a Signature-designed version of a pixelated artwork where the artist-designer was giving homage to the pixel in 2D-3D.

This is considered to be the genesis works by Godwits as a digital artist-designer because it was the first collection to be minted as digital tokens.

Change your perception and experience the inverse version of the artwork. Simply flip the work upside down and blink your eyes to reset your senses. Repeating these steps will help your vision dominate over other senses to create a unique illusion & abstract experience.

ERC-721 Code Updated Timeline
Minted (Form 1): 2021
Burned (Form 1): 2022
Minted (Form 2): 2022

Published by: Abstract Art Labs
Contract By: Manifold Studios
Contract Type: ERC-721
Artist Royalty: 5%

Limited to personal non-commercial use and resale rights of NFT are granted. All other terms & rights are reserved to Abstract Art Labs LLC