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By Godwits (aka VM8)

The Foundation #2



The Foundation Collection
Artist: Godwits
Year: 2021-2022

Published By: Abstract Art Labs LLC
Smart Contract Type: ERC-721
Artist Royalty: 5%

The Foundation is the first NFT collection that presents 500 unique 1 of 1 works created with analog and digital media. Each edition in this series is a unique 1/1 & was created to experiment with dimension.

This series stimulates your vision by presenting characteristics of abstraction and distorted 3-dimensional perceptions. Simply flip the work upside down, blink your eyes to reset your brain & experience the inverse 3D perception. Repeating these steps will help your vision dominate over other senses to create a unique illusion & abstract experience.

Limited to personal non-commercial use and resale rights of NFT are granted.

All other terms & rights are reserved to Abstract Art Labs LLC