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The Imaginary Portrait #181 - Sand Statue

By Godwits



Title: Imaginary & Portrait
Artist: Godwits
Year: 2020
Minted: 2022

Imaginary & Portrait is a playful collection of 200 works that give a balanced experience of abstraction & figurative. This is a repeating signature of the artist shared throughout past and future collections. Each work gives the viewer an experience of abstraction and figurative art based on how the viewer's mind connects with the work. Some viewers will try to form a shape they are familiar with like a portrait of a face and some will see an imaginary abstract artwork. The work is constructed with the layering of abstract shapes & contrasting colors.

THE BALANCE is finding where the abstraction & figurative meet by walking closer or farther away from the artwork. Find your balanced experience.

The artist's printmaking background is applied to each portrait as if the digital works were processed through a printmaking press like the one Johannes Gutenberg invented. This is another identification of the artist's work where they are one of the first to apply this technique throughout multiple collections to differentiate between other artists.

Published By: Abstract Art Labs LLC
Smart Contract By: Manifold
Token Type: ERC-721
Artist Royalty: 7.5%

Limited to personal non-commercial use and resale rights of NFT are granted.
All other terms & rights are reserved to Abstract Art Labs LLC