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Panorama Landscapes 39

By Godwits


Title: Panorama Landscapes  
Artist: Godwits  
Year: 2023  
Smart Contract By: Manifold  
Artist Royalty: 7.5%  
Rarity & Edition Size: Determined by holders  

Panorama Landscapes is the first multi-series digital painting collection of 2023. % of the artwork in this collection will be airdropped to selected communities with complimentary minting for previous holders of my works & possible future burn reward swap for new works via Manifold.

Each work will start with 50 editions & the edition size depends on what you do as a collector. After the airdrop & mint, The owners of the artwork are free to do as they please. Will you hold and be part of the next chapter? Will you send it to the burn address and be part of the scarcity mechanics by exiting our future? The edition sizes & rarity for each work in the collection are shaped by the decision of the holder. What will you do?

**These works are not for sale by the artist. The only way to obtain works from this collection is from a current holder through secondary markets like OpenSea:  

If you decide to stay for the next chapter, Please follow: