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Panorama Landscapes 1

By Godwits


Title: Panorama Landscapes
Artist: Godwits
Year: 2023
Smart Contract By: Manifold
Artist Royalty: 7.5%

Panorama Landscapes is my homage to Precisionism + minimalism in collaboration with AI to offer a dynamic multi-series collection of paintings in 2023.

10,000 Editions will be airdropped randomly to selected communities in the NFT space. The holders who keep the art can continue to WL mint upcoming editions at no cost.

After the airdrop, The owners of the artwork are free to do as they please. Will you hold & be part of the next chapter? Will you sell or send it to the burn address to be part of the scarcity mechanics by exiting our future? Let's make it interesting. The decision is yours.

Holders will partake in a journey through the rest of 2023 with WL snapshots announced via TWTR when a new Panorama Landscapes is released. Holders in the snapshot will have the opportunity to mint 1 limited edition of 50 for free via Manifold. First 50 wins. $ETH gas fee is required.

**These works are not for sale by the artist. The only way to obtain works from this collection is from a current holder through secondary markets like OpenSea:

There are no roadmap, schedule, or promises. Just art being shared with other art enthusiasts. % of the artist royalty (7.5%) from the secondary will be used to fund the airdrop & mints.

If you decide to stay for the next chapter, Please follow:
Official Collection Gallery:

*This is a dynamic collection so anything can happen in the future.

Limited to personal non-commercial use and resale rights of NFT are granted.
All other terms & rights are reserved to Abstract Art Labs LLC