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Landscapes #37

By Godwits



Landscapes (Imaginary Editions)
Artist: Godwits
Year: 2021-2023

Published By: Abstract Art Labs LLC
Smart Contract Type: Manifold / ERC-1155
Size: 3000 x 4250 Pixels
Artist Royalty: 5%

Landscapes by Godwits is a dynamic collection of 100 multi-edition works that give tribute to Refik Anadol's Synthetic Dreams Landscapes. Godwits is a community leader & moderator for RAS who has airdropped over 500 editions with the community members & holders of Synthetic Dreams at the snapshot.

The works in this collection present a dynamic form change to form 1 (abstract) created using GANStyles then form 2 (3D Design / Graphic Design Software) to form 3 (AI) custom outputs via AI using original images and datasets.

**The works in this collection are not affiliated with Refik Anadol or RAS.

Limited to personal non-commercial use and resale rights of NFT are granted.

All other terms & rights are reserved to Abstract Art Labs LLC