GODWITS is an anonymous mixed-media visual artist group based in New York. Primarily creating works blending design and art techniques, the artist's creations bear the distinctive hallmark of integrating technology as a compelling medium.

The artist's name draws inspiration from Old English, where "god" signifies goodness and "wits" refers to creatures, hinting at the awe-inspiring wonders of their creations.

Godwits entered the bustling technology industry while still nurturing their passion for art. Amidst their professional endeavors, they persistently experimented with various artistic mediums and techniques. 

The technology brands that have captured our hearts and support have engendered monumental cultural shifts, profoundly altering the fabric of our existence. As we immerse ourselves in the ever-expanding world of these ubiquitous "devices," we are compelled to ponder a compelling question - the paramount significance of privacy. Godwits has deliberately embraced anonymity as a creator, a choice that has posed challenges in garnering conventional backing from established galleries and gatekeepers within the art world. Nonetheless, the artist firmly believes that emerging technologies and innovative tools, exemplified by the remarkable potential of blockchain, will gradually acculturate to empower creators in unprecedented ways, becoming a defining facet of our generation. Inevitably, the dawning of this transformative era is merely a matter of time.

Embracing the advent of the blockchain and witnessing the birth of potent tools such as AI, the artist foresees a burgeoning cohort of visionary creators poised to engender a cultural transformation within the contemporary art landscape. Building upon the artistic journey recounted earlier, these cutting-edge tools are perceived as powerful enablers, empowering committed artists to fashion thought-provoking and unprecedented masterpieces heretofore unexplored. In fact, they may even dare to conceive artworks encompassing abstract notions, transcending the boundaries of existence as we know it.