Godwits [ god-wits ] - "originates in Old English with god meaning good, and wits coming from wihte, meaning creatures."

GODWITS, formerly known as VM8 (Visual Meta Infinity) is a visual artist best known for working with non-fungible tokens on Ethereum. The artist chose to stay anonymous after recognizing how important privacy was for digital creators.

The concept for the collection of work involves both art & design elements in a modern contemporary & abstraction in digital art. Signatures in the works have an essence of printmaking & a visual 3D layering after past experiences in art studies, printmaking & graphic design.

Sculpting is another idea that Godwits dived in after being influenced by an artist in the family who created large-sized sculptures in the past. Sculptures created by Godwits are thought-provoking and created with the concept of sculptures that are non-existent in this world. 

Check out Zero Gravity Sculptures on Foundation.app