Godwits god-wits ] -
"originates in Old English with god meaning good, and wits coming from wihte, meaning creatures."

 is an anonymous digital creator presenting works on new mediums in modern technology using AI & design softwares. The signature of the artist in each work involves both Art & Design elements of abstraction, color layering (3D) & figurative-abstraction. Past experiences in art studies, printmaking & graphic design brought a synergy of digital artwork to the blockchain. 

There are 3 ways of collecting artworks by Godwits.

1. When a new collection of artwork is created, a % of the works are airdropped to reward holders from a past collection, airdropped to a selected community or gifted for complimentary minting for people in the art eco-space. Example: The holders of "The Foundation (Genesis)" received airdrops of artworks from newly created collections. The same is expected for holders who hold any new collections created by Godwits. **Godwits uses royalty from the secondary sales to fund the airdrops. 

2. Acquire it on the secondary market like OpenSea, Looksrare, Rarible or Foundation. Holders can give other collectors a chance to acquire the work. 

3. % of the works in each collection could be sold at an auction via reserve price on https://foundation.app/@godwits, or vaulted and preserved. 

Approved collections could be burned to redeem for a newly minted work on Ethereum. The burn mechanism will be activated when scarcity is necessary in the eco-system. The idea is to share my work with as many people but give options to the collectors to have a limit on the editions.
Example: Burn 1 work from an older collection for 1 work in a newly released collection. The previous collections edition size reduces after the burn.

All published materials are are licensed under Abstract Art Labs LLC