Collection: Landscapes

Landscapes by Godwits is a dynamic collection of 100 multi-edition works that give tribute to Refik Anadol's Synthetic Dreams Landscapes. Godwits is a moderator for RAS who have shared this collection with the community members & holders of Synthetic Dreams at the snapshot. Godwits is a RAS Community Leader who wanted to give back to the community & airdropped the collection to over 500 collectors. The works in this collection present abstract forms created using Generative Adversarial Networks, 3D Design, Graphic Design Software & Analog Mediums. In 2023, Godwits used the original works and created custom outputs via AI to create an update to the dynamic NFTs

**The works in this collection are not affiliated with Refik Anadol or RAS.

Year: 2021
AI: 2023