Collection: Back to the Future: A Graphic Design Story

Drenched in the rich hues and iconic shapes of the 1990s, "Back to the Future: A Graphic Design Story" is an artistic voyage back to an influential decade. The collection of artworks stands as a personal chronicle of the artist's evolution, tracing back to days when the thrill of the new digital frontier met the nostalgia of the timeless allure of the 90s.

The 1990s was a formative period in graphic design. As computers began to nestle their way into design studios and bedrooms, software like CorelDRAW, Illustrator, and Photoshop offered a canvas without boundaries. For the artist, this period wasn't just about experimenting with these tools, but about transmuting memories and experiences onto the screen. The visual lexicon of the era – a riot of colors, bold lines, and exaggerated forms – became the palette. Influences from Saturday morning cartoons where each frame is a labor of love and imagination, served as the inspiration. 

But the artist's memories also extend beyond the confines of the screen. They recall an era where going to diners and fast food restaurants was the epitome of social dining. The neon signs outside these restaurants beckon with a warm glow, with their vibrant colors and quirky fonts, left an indelible mark on the artist's creative psyche. These signs, reimagined in their artwork, provide a juxtaposition of the urban, suburban, and nostalgic, creating a sense of timelessness. Inside these businesses, the menus were more than just listings of food items; they were designed works of art in their own right. Menus from those cherished restaurants add an unexpected layer of narrative, invoking a sense of nostalgia and comfort. The play of typography, the use of bold, inviting colors, and the clever illustrations of dishes – all of these elements of the culture found their way into the artist's visual storytelling. 

This collection of works, therefore, is a bridge. One end anchors in the vibrant world of the 1990s, and the other extends into the artist's present, filtered through contemporary art sensibilities. Minimalistic geometric forms and abstractions are intertwined with classic 90’s motifs, producing an experience of the artist's continued journey of the balance between design and art.

While the artist's creation is dominant, the touch of machine learning evolves the artwork towards its completion, adding a layer of movement that makes the past come alive, almost as if memories are set in motion with extra feel-good audio unique to each work.

"Back to the Future: A Graphic Design Story" is a testament to the artist's growth, from a young enthusiast absorbing the world of 90’s design to a seasoned designer harmoniously merging the past and present. It's a celebration of an era, a personal journey, and the timeless power of storytelling in art – where the vibrant world of 1990s graphic design and the nostalgia of modern design technology beautifully converge.