Collection: Aurora Editions

AURORA is a multi-edition you can claim via Manifold at no cost (only gas fee).

This multi-series of surreal AI paintings were created using multiple AI generative software with the added technique by Godwits. This signature technique applies a layering of abstract shapes as a signature to represent figurative abstraction.

Each work will have unique properties and each series will be rarer than the previous.  

1. Visit the collection on OpenSea
2. Click on the aurora # work you want to mint
3. Once you’re on the page of the numbered artwork, Visit the Manifold's claim website by clicking on the three dots (top-right) and then "View website"

4. The claim page should load a created a mint page that will show you the details of the token and artwork. This collection is free to mint. ETH is required for gas. An Ethereum wallet is required.

5. Burn to redeem "Activated" in the attributes filter on OpenSea are ones you can burn for a Panorama Landscapes. Just "Visit Website" on a numbered Aurora artwork that's fully minted.