Zero Gravity Sculptures

Zero Gravity Sculptures is a unique collection of 500 works that the artist dedicated more than 1000 hours of processing time and took 3 months to complete.

In the weightless environment of space, a unique form of sculpture art emerges, using paint as a medium to create sculptures. In this zero-gravity environment, These sculptures can take on unique forms and shapes that seem to defy the laws of physics. Without the influence of gravity, the paint behaves differently, floating and spreading in unexpected ways. The microgravity environment allows the paint to form into graceful arcs and curves, creating a fluid and dynamic composition. The paint adheres to the surface it comes into contact with, creating a three-dimensional structure.

This type of style is one of the first concepts by Godwits and offers an exciting medium for artistic expression, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in traditional art forms by using software in digital art.  


Panorama Landscapes

Panorama Landscapes is my homage to precisionism + minimalism in collaboration with AI to offer a dynamic multi-series collection of paintings in 2023.

10,000 Editions will be airdropped randomly to selected communities in the NFT space. The holders who keep the art can continue to WL mint upcoming editions at no cost.

The Birth of AI Sculptures

The Birth of AI Sculptures is a collection of 500 unique 1/1 works express a relationship of creativity between man and machine.

A harmony of shapes, colors & texture give birth to a wonderfully curated collection of modern sculpture art for the metaverse.

Precognitive Dreams - Painting The Future

"Precognitive Dreams - Painting The Future" is about an Artificial Intelligence machine that predicts the future through their dreams.

Godwits creates a collection of 200 unique dreams on a digital canvas to bring the first "Black Label" signed collection. Imagine your future and create your own story from each painting.